Mark Islam
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"This well-traveled songwriter...writes intelligent pop-flavored songs with
melodies that stick with you.  Lyrically, he tends toward story songs about
outcasts and lonely hearts and doesn't shy away from taking strong stands."
--quoted from Dirty Linen magazine

Learn more about Mark's newest recording, "The Fine Print."

Mark and his Guitar. But the sum is much more....

Mark Islam comments on his 1999 recording, "The Recent Past":

"The songs on 'The Recent Past' kept me awake at night. These were songs I had to write. Unlike my previous release, 'The Calloused Heart Collection,' I omitted songs...that I wrote for other artists....

[The recording] "had to be an artistic statement about me: my life, my encounters, my sensibilities....

"My kind thanks and appreciation to you for listening.... "

Beat-Up El Camino

Nominee "Best Out Country Song" by GLAMA

"Confidence.  Strength.  Insight.  While it is not unusual for a songwriter
to bury his or her soul in their music, it is unusual to hear it done so
--quoted from Independent Songwriter magazine

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