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Here is a list of recorded tracks by Mark Islam,
with controlled play of the samples used throughout this Website.
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"Mark Islam's The Recent Past is a vibrant work from a compelling storyteller."

--KPFK-FM, Los Angeles

The Recent Past by Mark Islam--buy it at CDNow! The Recent Past (1998)

Dirges in the Dark
Always the Bridesmaid
If You Had Half a Heart 
(You'd be Dangerous)
Get Used to It
Lose These Blues
Peace on Earth 
(What is it Worth?)
Goodbye to All That
What'll I Do (About Loving You)
Beat-Up El Camino
The Only Thing 
That Makes Her Feel Alive 
(I Know Why That Caged Bird Sings)
Just One Paycheck Away
"The routine and tortured sentimentality of country music is altogether eluded on The Recent Past... intimate and revealing."

--Revolver, Sydney

"The songs are peppered with intelligent, socially-conscious lyrics which are consistently interesting."

--Music Connection, Los Angeles

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"What Islam does most effectively, though, is paint little portraits of every day people in every day situations, yet manages to play up the fact that these everyday situations have a beauty & nobility all their own that are borne of, not despite, the ordinary."


Only available on limited release cassette.The Calloused Heart Collection (1995)
Don't Make Me Have 
To Tell You This Again
Bye-Bye California
A Fond Place in My Heart
The Only Thing 
That Makes Her Feel Alive 
(I Know Why That Caged Bird Sings)
Will You Love Me
Waltz Me Across Tennessee
Dancing With Angels
It Just Don't Seem Like Christmas Without You
Drawn to the Flames
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
Don't Wanna Talk About Love
Beat-Up El Camino
Calloused Heart
Everything is Gonna Be Alright
I Love Being Loved By You
"Islam knows how to spin out stories, often of lonely people at the edges of society."


"An engaging storyteller with an equally intoxicating voice....."

--Edge Magazine


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